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ACHILLES standing at 16.2hh, this 13 year old grey gelding is a bit of a gentle giant.  He joined our happy band late last season, but is showing signs of fast becoming a favourite with some of our taller clients.  Also trained to pull a carriage, this handsome chap is proving to be very versatile.



APOLLO – 16.1hh Irish Cob x bay gelding, this 11 year old came over from England originally to work in a riding school, and eventually found his way to us.  A bit of a “lager lout”, Apollo is larger than life, but gives a safe and steady ride to novices, and is great fun for the experienced.


CLEM  - the biggest of the bunch, this 11 year old black mare is owned by Alison and David, who brought her over from England with them. Usually used to escort rides, she makes an impressive figure as she strides out along the tracks.



ERA  - this 11 year old, 15.3hh bay mare, originally came to Corfu from Bulgaria where she was a carriage horse.  There is still a tradition of 'docking' horses tails in Bulgaria, this means she had the bottom 2 joints of her tail removed to stop the hair growing too long and getting caught in the harness.  Sadly for Era, this means she cannot use her tail to swish away flies during the summer!  She is the strong silent type - carrying anyone from child to full size adult, safely and securely.



MACOLO – this 15.3hh speckly (flea-bitten) grey 16 year old gentleman is a star with all our clients.  He moves with a natural grace and beauty and is very gentle and calm, carrying complete beginners and children safely, but giving a fun ride to those with more ability.



HERCULES – A 15.2hh grey gelding, this 10 year old ¾ arab was also a carriage horse, but as he was a bit of a 'boy racer' and refused to stop at traffic lights, he was sold to Dimitris to use in the riding centre where he is now our usual lead horse, but also carries clients very happily, and has a very cheeky and playful manner too!



LEON  - At 15hh, this 14 year old chestnut gelding is a real rough diamond.  Badly beaten and covered in scars from his previous life as a carriage horse, he came to us terrified of strangers, and frightened of traffic - we wonder what he went through!!  Now however, after nothing but kindess and compassion, Leon has turned into a little gem of a horse, we put children, beginners and experienced riders on him and he is loved by all.



SILVER  - This 14.2hh 17 year old grey chap is a very quiet soul, again treated badly by previous owners, he has learned to trust again, and now takes our clients out safely and calmly, doing exactly what is needed of him.



CASSIANNIE – at around 14hh this little dapple grey 9 year old mare is a very cheeky and likeable character on our yard.  Always trying to be top mare, she can be very bossy with the other horses, but is a real people person, and is quite happy to stroll along at the back with any rider, so long as she can stop to snack from time to time!!!



ATHENA  -A 13 year old 13hh brown pony, this mare had a very bad life before she came to us - beaten severely by her owner, she is still very wary of strangers  after 3 years of nothing but TLC, but what a pony to ride!!!  Children and adults alike fall in love with her, and come back time after time on their holiday to ride her.  One little girl went back to England in tears after riding her 4 times on one holiday because Mum would not let her take her back home!



ASPACIA – Aspa for short and named after Dimitris grandmother!  A 7 year old 14hh chestnut mare with a flaxen mane and tail, this little beauty has already earned her keep time and time again.  Brilliant with novices, children and lightweight adults, she takes the experienced rider on an exhilarating fast ride, and is fantastic in kiddies riding lessons.



MAGGIE  - Our 12 year old, 12hh  Mags is fantastic for children, an ex riding school pony, she knows all the tricks of the trade, but will carry a child safely out on any of our rides, and all our children love it when she trots to catch up as she is a little shorter than the others!!!



DAISY  - this little 11 year dun pony, 12hh,  came to Dimitris  5 years ago, looking like a little barrel.  A few weeks after starting work, she produced a little cream coloured foal!  She is still a barrel, but after 2 years off work, she started again last season and has proved to be a solid little mare, great for kids, but happy with lighter adults too!  She is proving to be a firm favourite with the children who have lessons here.



CANELLA  - Daughter of Daisy, this little cream pony is growing up into a nice little mare who we are starting to train this year, and who you may see out on the occasional ride as she learns the ropes.



HABIB - This 14 hh 5 year old dapple grey gelding came originally from the mainland of Greece.  Big friends with Canella, he is a very sweet natured little horse, and this summer he will be learning the ropes by escorting some of the rides and maybe even taking out some clients who have a little experience until he knows his job.



TOMMY  - our miniature shetland stallion, this 6 year old skewbald pony is a real stunner!  He will quite happily take the smallest of children out for a little trek, but is soon to be a father, and is trying to take his responsibilites very seriously!



DELILAH – our Shetland mare came over from England with Alison, and is a real character, she loves her treats, and is happy to take our smaller riders for a little stroll round the olive grove.  Also, she is mother to:


GEORDIE – born in April 2008, this little chap is the result of a brief romance between Delilah and Tommy, our miniature Shetland stallion.   He has his fathers colouring being a skewbald, but with bright blue eyes!  Sure to be a big hit with adults and children alike, Geordie will make his debut this season.


SAMSON – the last of our “littlies” this 8 year old palomino gelding came over with his companion Delilah, and is a little dreamboat.  He loves nothing more than to be groomed and fussed over by anyone, and being very photogenic, really enjoys having his photo taken with his rider.


LUCIA  - Our little angel, came to us after a life of labour, carrying upto 3 sacks of olives, plus her owner, on her back, most of her life.  Now semi retired, at 38 years old, we use her for riding lessons, and the occasional ride around our olive groves, she is the safest and kindest pony you can imagine, and she has a huge fan base.


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